About Us

Glam Girl Beauty was founded by Sahar MacLachlan, a first-time mother who discovered that after having children she no longer made time for herself. She began to lose herself in the tiring, yet rewarding role of motherhood and almost forgot who she was. Her battle with severe maternal mental illness led her on a journey to a very dark place.

After months of being in the dark, she finally sought help to turn things around. Sahar came to the decision that she wanted to do something for herself. She vowed to create a brand that heavily focused on self-care and self-love. A community where individuals supported each other in positive and helpful ways. From a tiny glimmer of hope, inspiration, and a life-long dream, Glam Girl was born. It brought our founder back to life and she began to feel like herself again.

 Our brand symbolizes strength and beauty from the inside out. Our mission is to remind you that despite the challenges you are experiencing in life, you deserve to feel beautiful now and always. Whenever you visit us, you are making time for you; your dreams, your hopes, your desires. You are setting aside your busy life to put yourself first. You're not just wearing lashes and makeup...you're standing for what we stand for. You're making a promise to treat yourself and others with kindness and love.

We're so happy to share our journey with you and we are beyond excited that you're here. So go ahead and be a GLAM GIRL. You deserve it💕